Happy Hour

Monday-Friday, 3pm5pm

  • All pints: $4.50
  • 1/2 order of nachos: $5.00
  • 1/2 order of basket of onion rings: $5.00
  • 1/2 basket of buffalo wings: $5.00

Daily Lunch and Dinner Specials

We like to offer varying daily lunch and dinner specials. You'll find such things as hand-breaded, Alaskan cod for fish and chips, hand-formed and seasoned lamb burgers, pasta with seasonal ingredients, daily super salad, and even pizzas and grinder sandwiches!

Free Trivia!

Every Sunday at 9pm you can expect to find good old pub trivia (free to enter!). Fabulous prizes that will harken back to your childhood are awarded. Put together under intense deliberation by one of our employees, you're guaranteed to hear the most obscure and ridiculous questions possible, such as:

  • What's the difference between a girl in church and a girl in the bathtub?
  • What color is the $5 bill in the game of Monopoly?
  • Name the Darth Vader-like character in Spaceballs!
  • What country does the famous Caesar salad originate from?

Private Parties

Would you like to rent our beautiful pool hall for your private party? The room features two 9’ tournament-quality pool tables, Golden Tee Live, seating for 20, and room for up to 40 people. Room rental is affordable, and depending on your needs, we can negotiate exclusive or partially public use. No charge for billiards while the party is happening!

The pool hall has a separate entrance down the side of the building, a private restroom, and dedicated staff.

Call Rob, the owner, for more information: 206.527.2676


Are you an artist? We are always seeking new and exciting works for our rotating monthly galleries in either the main pub or the family dining room.

  • We do not charge commissions.
  • We do not charge a gallery or hosting fee.
  • We do not interfere with or constrain the display installation!

Please contact Bob at the Ale House to discuss the next available month for displaying your work: 206.527.2676.